British Teen Forced to Give DNA Sample for Throwing Ketchup

Zach Cameron is in for it now. The 15-year-old British schoolboy was fingerprinted and forced to give a DNA sample for assault.

Assault with ketchup.

According to an article in the Daily Sun (official motto: "More boobs than the Times, Mail, and Express combined!"), Zach was out with the daughter of his pastor, when a 14-year-old girl was making "nasty" comments about the daughter. So he took matters into his own hands, and lobbed a small container of ketchup at the girl.

A few days later, Zach received a letter from the Medway Police, which summoned him and his father to the station. Zach went, expecting to be lectured by police. Instead, he was fingerprinted and had a DNA swab taken from inside his mouth.

Zach told the Sun, "It was crazy. I know I should not have thrown the sauce but it was only a tiny bit."

Dawn Cameron, Zach's mom, said, "This all started when Zach was defending the daughter of his church pastor who was being abused by this girl. He realises now it was a silly thing to do but it wasn't the crime of the century."

Dawn is bitter about the entire incident, since the police did nothing after she was the victim of a road rage attack, or after her husband, James, was attacked in a pub.

"This girl complained about having a bit of tomato sauce thrown over her hair and the police reacted as if someone had been murdered," Daw told the Sun.

The police told Zach that he had nothing to worry about, since he does not have a criminal record, and this will not be used against him.

However, if there are more food-related attacks in the area, you know who they're going to go after. Strikes me as condiment profiling.

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