Food-Related Assault Epidemic Continues. Yes, It's In Florida

And the food related assault epidemic continues to grow. In fact, if it wasn't for an attack in Iowa this past July, all the attacks would have been in Florida.

This time, it was in Hernando Beach, Florida, where a South Carolina teen was arrested for hurling a deadly missile at a moving vehicle.

A burrito.

According to the story on WFTS ABC News website, John Addie — the victim — was driving his car when someone leaned out of a car and threw something.

"The next thing Addie knew his front windshield was cracked and he was covered in refried beans," said the WFTS website.

So Addie did what anyone covered in discarded Mexican food would do: he followed the car, and called the police.

Police arrested the unnamed burrito bomber, who confessed to hurling the burrito as a prank, and released him to his father's custody. He was charged with hurling a deadly missile, which is a felony.

Apparently burrito-related assault is a felony, as opposed to pelting your girlfriend with a hamburger, which is apparently only a misdemeanor. (It's Florida, what do you expect?)

The police report said Addie's
"vehicle, which was clean and in excellent condition, had a chip in the windshield where the hard object struck it. I observed the contents of a burrito to be on John’s person and his driver’s seat.

A portion of the burrito was on the window frame, on the exterior of his vehicle. I also observed the remainder of the burrito to be at the base of the driver’s seat. It should be noted that John suffered no injury as a result of being struck by the burrito."

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