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Nanny State Takes Newborn Baby, 2 Children Away From Mother Because She's Obese

I didn't think it was possible, but Scottish social workers have brought the Nanny State to a whole new level of jack-booted interfering, hereto unseen except for books like 1984 or movies like THX 1138.

That's because they want to take away the newborn baby of an obese mother (300 pounds), and have already taken away her two youngest, because they were afraid the kids were at risk of becoming obese themselves.

According to a story in The (London) Times, the unnamed mother was told less than 24 hours of giving birth that she would not be allowed to keep the baby.

It's good to see the Scottish authorities acting for the welfare of the country's children, what with having solved the country's history of alcoholism, spousal abuse, drug abuse, and unemployment.

Apparently, the parents created their own problem when they asked social workers for some help managing their children. Rather than helping, the social workers found that two of the kids were already overweight. So the Fascists social workers warned the family they had to get the children's weight under control.

The father of the child (the parents were not named because of privacy reasons) told the Times, "My wife was told she could stay with our baby for another 24 hours but then she would have to go home alone. She got up out of her bed and left the hospital right there and then. I had to wait behind to say my goodbyes to the baby."

The father said social workers had told him they wouldn't visit the hospital, and that they were going to follow a report by Dundee Families Project that recommended family support. But instead, social workers went into the maternity ward and served papers on his wife during labor.

Tomorrow, there will be a hearing about whether the social workers can remove the family's remaining children from their care.

"Sorry, kids, we know your parents love you, but you're just too fat."

A representative from the Dundee City Council told the Times, "We have made it clear on numerous occasions that children would not be removed from a family environment just because of a weight issue."

Sorry Councillor, but you may want to check with your social workers, because it sounds like they didn't get the memo on saving stupid decisions for Head-In-Your-Ass Friday.

Apparently, keeping kids from getting fat more important than keeping them from following parents into abuse of alcohol, drugs, and their wives.

It's disappointing, frightening, and maddening the lengths the British government will go to in overstepping their bounds of good taste and appropriateness. But it is no way very surprising.

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  1. Outrageous! There is no other word for it! Except perhaps kidnapping!

  2. @Mellodee, I couldn't agree more.

    If people do it, it's called kidnapping, destruction of property, and theft.

    If the government does it, it's called removing for safety, police search, and taxation. ;-)


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