Southwest Airlines Removes Crying Baby From Plane, Millions Cheer

"I am sick of these motherf---ing kids on this motherf---ing plane!"

Southwest Airlines just endeared itself to the millions of adults who ride airplanes and know how to control their children. They booted Pamela Root and her 2-year-old son Adam off their flight in Amarillo, Texas, after he continually screams "Go! Plane! Go!" and "I want Daddy!"

In a story on MSNBC, Pamela said she believed her son would finally stop when the plane took off, but rather than take off, the plane returned to the gate, and they were escorted off the plane.

Root wants an apology and to be repaid for the portable crib and diapers she had to buy. Southwest Airlines should ask for compensation for the extra fuel and wasted time they spent in doing what Root was not able to do: make her kid shut up.

Before anyone accuses me of being heartless or not understanding children, let me say that I'm a father of three. And my wife and I never put up with wailing and screaming from our kids. Crying, yes. Being mad, yes. Screaming over and over? No way. Pamela Root needs to learn that the universe does not revolved around her kid, and that subjecting 100 people in an enclosed aluminum tube to your 112 decibel child is not the textbook definition of "considerate." Just be happy they're letting you back on another plane to try again later.

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  1. In an enclosed space, with an excited (and possible unhappy) 2 year old, who is screaming full voice and won't stop....what would you suggest the mother should do?

    Was the mom hitting, beating the child or abusing him in anyway? Totally ignoring him? Exhibiting psychotic behaviors? Okay, that's a different story all together. The child's safety would be at risk and that WOULD be a justifiable reason to remove the family from the aircraft.

    If not, then the airline's action was ill-considered, at best!

    There may have been a very good reason why they needed to be on that plane. Did anyone help her? Offer to try to distract the child? Give the mom some sympathy or support?? Try understanding the situation? Instead of judging the mom and finding her and her child unacceptable travel companions??

    I'm sure she was embarrassed and trying everthing she could think of. They're on a plane, you can't put the kid in another room and shut the door. You can't put him in the "naughty" corner. If she was not able to distract him with normal things, what is left to her? Drugs? Alcohol? Lock him in the bathroom for the rest of the trip?? Gag him?? Punch the kid?? Knock him out????

    I've seen two year olds who get themselves all worked up into a screaming tantrum. In this scenario, I don't think the mom had any good options, except giving it time for the kid to calm down. Booting them off the airplane, just so a few people could watch the movie or whatever in peace?? Oh please, sometimes life is uncomfortable, inconvenient, and annoying. So what else is new?

    Selfishness, intolerance, "ME" as the most important thing in the world are all becoming (or maybe HAVE become) this society's standard behaviors. How utterly hopeless this make me feel.

    (By the way I am a 63 year old grandmother who has raised her family and I've learned how to tell the wheat from the chaff! I've also always tried to have empathy for those going through a tough time. Its a pity the folks who were on that plane or who applaud the airline's action, never learned the meaning of the word.)

  2. Hi Mellodee,

    You've made some great points, one I didn't consider, which was the embarrassment of the mother.

    I'm not suggesting she should have beat or hurt her son to make him stop. And if he's a kid with some issues that make this kind of behavior typical, then she's got my sympathies.

    However, I know a lot of families who won't discipline their kids or do anything to make their kids mind. I see too many parents who choose to ignore bad behavior, or even condone a bad attitude. I worked as a waiter in a restaurant for several months, and saw all manners of parents who would let their children misbehave, make messes, and generally act out in unacceptable ways without doing anything to correct it, or even put a stop to it.

    So while you're seeing this issue from the loving grandmother point of view, which I appreciate, I'm seeing it from the POV of the person who sees too many parents mollycoddling their kids and allowing behavior that just becomes unacceptable anti-social behavior when they're older.

  3. I can absolutely agree with everything you say! My family could tell you how strongly I oppose unacceptable behavior of children or parents! And, of course, I wasn't suggesting harming the child, just attempting to show how limited her options were. Unfortunately a 2 year old is still in many many ways just a baby. Discipline is difficult to enforce at that age, especially when your options are limited.

    The truth of the matter is that the information in the article was extremely limited. Giving only a very small piece of what was going on. Without more information on the circumstances such as how long had they been sitting at the gate? Was the child restrained in his seat or running up and down the aisle. Was the mother belligerant in responding to requests from the staff to try to calm the baby?

    See what I mean? It could go on and on. Without having been there, we'll never know.

    Nevertheless, all things being equal, the bottom line is that sometimes kids misbehave and it makes others unhappy and uncomfortable and sometimes there isn't a damn thing that a parent can do to make it stop.

    In all likelihood the baby would have calmed down once the plane was on its way and the whole thing would have become a non-issue.

    Another possibility that just occurred to me is what if the child had some sort of developmental issues? Not every handicap requires a wheelchair or is visible to the naked eye.

    I should stop about this. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to rant. As you can tell, I get worked up over kids and their problems! :-)

  4. Looks like the this theater in Texas agrees with you on getting rid of disruptive customers

  5. What Mellodee said, but understand Mr. Deckers point.

    I flew my then 9 and 4 year old to Europe and back without without a peep until the last hour of the return flight when the youngest had hit her limit. We were mildly embarrassed and quite honestly only tried to console her. I know I wanted to cry after 14 hours in the air. ;)


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