Southwest Airlines Removes Crying Baby From Plane, Millions Cheer

"I am sick of these motherf---ing kids on this motherf---ing plane!"

Southwest Airlines just endeared itself to the millions of adults who ride airplanes and know how to control their children. They booted Pamela Root and her 2-year-old son Adam off their flight in Amarillo, Texas, after he continually screams "Go! Plane! Go!" and "I want Daddy!"

In a story on MSNBC, Pamela said she believed her son would finally stop when the plane took off, but rather than take off, the plane returned to the gate, and they were escorted off the plane.

Root wants an apology and to be repaid for the portable crib and diapers she had to buy. Southwest Airlines should ask for compensation for the extra fuel and wasted time they spent in doing what Root was not able to do: make her kid shut up.

Before anyone accuses me of being heartless or not understanding children, let me say that I'm a father of three. And my wife and I never put up with wailing and screaming from our kids. Crying, yes. Being mad, yes. Screaming over and over? No way. Pamela Root needs to learn that the universe does not revolved around her kid, and that subjecting 100 people in an enclosed aluminum tube to your 112 decibel child is not the textbook definition of "considerate." Just be happy they're letting you back on another plane to try again later.

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