Danvers High School Students Put On "Free Meep" T-Shirts

Meep is not dead, despite what the Danvers High School principal would like to believe.

Two seniors — Mike Spiewak and Matt LaFleur — wore blue "Free meep" t-shirts to school last week, so they could sell them and raise money for a scholarship or grant.

Now, although the principal said the word "meep" was being used to disrupt the school, it's now being used to further their education.

Is that irony, or just poetic justice?

LaFleur and Spiewak told the Salem News that they weren't suspended, but some teachers asked them to cover the shirts up in class. LaFleur has already been suspended twice for meeping, including once for creating a Facebook page about the t-shirts.

He made the page "to show how stupid it is we are getting banned from saying 'meep.'"

Spiewak told the News that Principal Thomas Murray told him his actions were "inappropriate and unacceptable" and said he should have sought permission first.

Spiewak: Principal Murray, can I give my friends some shirts that has that word on it that made you the laughing stock of the entire country?

Principal Murray: Why sure, that would be fine. Just fine.

Principal Murray, you remind me of Frank Burns in that early episode of M*A*S*H, where Burns banned poker from the camp. When one enlisted man said he lost his money playing poker, Burns said, "I can only conclude it was stolen, since I banned poker from the camp."

So would you have given permission, since the shirt is being used to ultimately further education? I somehow doubt it.

Michael Brownson, an insurance agent who works with Spiewak's mother, was outside the school with the two boys in a show of support.

"I thought there was an overreaction in Danvers," Brownson told the Salem News. "I'm a businessman, I saw an opportunity to make things right."

Brownson wants to use the funds raised by t-shirt sales to create a scholarship that will "(raise) awareness of constitutional law and what is right."

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