Food-Related Assault Frame-up in Florida. Yeah, Florida again.

It was only a matter of time before someone started faking food-related assaults. And of course, it happened in Florida, where most of these assaults have happened in the past.

According to a story in the St. Petersburg Times, Robert Turley, a 51-year-old man living in Largo, Florida, called police to report that a man was attacking a woman by smashing potatoes over her head. It was actually the second of three calls he made in two hours. The other two calls were first that a man was chasing a woman with a knife, and then third, that he was punching the woman in the face.

Dude, I think it needs to go the otherway. Escalate, don't de-escalate (is that even a word?) First fists, then potatoes, then knives.

After he made the call, Turley would hide in a neighbor's yard when the cops showed up.

Turley finally admitted that the incident never happened, and that he made the calls because he was drunk and pissed at his roommates, a man and woman.

You know things have gotten out of hand when people start copycatting food-related assaults.

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