People Who Bug Me

I was inspired by Davezilla's "More People We Dislike" post to come up with my own list of people who bug me.

  • Left foot brakers: I can always recognize the left foot braker, because they're going down the highway at the same speed as everyone else, but their brake lights flicker on and off. Their brakes probably have a lifespan of 8 weeks.

  • Left lane drivers: Are you sensing a pattern here? I hate it when people drive in the left lane and they're going slower than the people in the right lane, and there's no one in front of them.

  • People who correct me with questions: If I am ever forced to go into a Starbucks, I order a medium latte. The barista always says, "Grande latte?" I say, "No, a medium." This is why I always go to independent coffee shops.

  • People who pull out in front of me, but go slower than me: You know who you are. (This didn't start out to be a driving rant, but so far, it's bad drivers who bug me the most.

  • People who say I hate beer: That's like saying I don't like food. There are literally thousands of beers available, and they all taste different. And unless you have a wheat/gluten allergy, I can find a beer you'll like.

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