Some Tennesseans Don't Understand Which Finger is the Bad One

Some people in Tennessee are a little consternated by a billboard where a young woman is, at first glance, flipping off local drivers.

According to a story on WRCB TV's website, the billboard says "she's tired of waiting," with a picture of a woman showing her ring finger in a gesture every driver in the world is familiar with.

"If you look at it twice you ought to get a chuckle," Barry Schenck of M.M. Schenck Jeweler told WRCB. "That's what we are hoping for."

Some people are complaining that Schenck's marketing campaign is in bad taste, but he is sticking to his guns.

WRCB spoke to the woman in question, Carla Fernandez, who is a Schenk employee.

"All women I feel at one point in their life are going to want that question," said Fernandez, "and when they get tired of waiting, those fingers are going to fly up."

Schenk says that when they do fly up, he hopes it's his store the men will visit. He said that he needed to do something to bring in the clientele, and thought the image would stick with people, whether it's insulting or inspiring.

"Of course in advertising that's exactly what you want," said Schenck, "at least talk about me, good or bad."

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  1. I'm pretty sure the actual finger being extended isn't the problem and most people, Tennesseans included, probably get that after seeing the billboard.

  2. @Dave, I think they do get it. But from what I gathered from the story, some people seem to think it's in bad taste because of the implication and/or their first reaction. That is, it's what they THINK the photo is at first glance that is upsetting them, even if they do know what it really is after a second glance.

  3. Yes, I understand that. It doesn't bother me one way or the other, though. I can see the argument from either side.


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