British Health & Safety Officials Cancel Reindeer Appearance Over Concern of Snow

The Grinch is alive and well, and working as a health and safety officer in East Midlands, Britain.

These geniuses of biology seem to not understand basic animal physiology or how they work.

According to the London Daily Mail, they canceled an appearance of 12 reindeer for a Christmas display, "because it might snow."

The reindeer were supposed to parade around the town square, but the officers were worried that the reindeer — natives of the Arctic Circle, you know, where it snows a lot – might slip on the snow and ice. There were several hundred shoppers who showed up to watch the parade, but the morons officials canceled the show just three hours before the parade was supposed to start.

The officials said they were concerned about the risk of falling to pedestrians, but didn't make any changes to the street.

"The council said there was a risk of snow and ice to pedestrians but with or without the reindeer the streets were still icy. None of the town centre was cordoned off. It just made no sense," Malcolm Lever-Jones, spokesman for the area merchants told the Daily Mail.

Lever-Jones said the cancellation may cost as much as £10,000 ($16,000).

Guess the health and safety officials don't know much about finance either. Canceling a £10,000 parade that is supposed to bring in hundreds of shoppers spending thousands of pounds will not stimulate the local economy very well either.

So who's going to keep England safe from the health and safety inspectors? If only there were some sort of benevolent gift giver who could make an appearance at this time of year, and grant all of England one really big, great-for-the-country wish.

Unfortunately, he won't be making an appearance in England any time soon, since his reindeer aren't allowed to run on England's streets.

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