British School Student Suspended for "Dealing" Potato Chips in School

Joel Bradley is in big trouble at school. He was suspended for a day selling black market contraband.

A packet of potato chips (also called "crisps" in England).

According to an article in the Liverpool, Joel sold the chips — Discos — for 50p ($.80) He would often earn £15 ($24.50) per day doing it.

This was the second time Joel had been caught, so he was suspended from Liverpool's Cardinal Heenan High School. Because nothing helps a kid's education better than removing him from school.

Of course, by only suspending Joel for a day sends a message to all the other kids about the easiest way to get a school-sanctioned one-day vacation.

The last time Joel was caught, the school stole confiscated £20 from the budding entrepreneur.

"I think the school has made a beeline for him because of what I've done," his father, Joe, told the Liverpool Echo.

Joe Bradley said he had been caught selling soda, candy bars, and chips he had bought from Iceland, from a van outside the school. According to the Echo, Bradley was sent away by the school "with a flea in his ear." Bradley said he decided not to continue, because he would have needed a license to sell from his van.

However, Dave Forshaw, the school's headmaster, reminded everyone the school had banned all junk food, and were a healthy school.

"If parents are not happy then they are perfectly free to take their children to a school that allows pupils to sell these things and allows a father to sell them outside on the pavement," Forshaw said. He then took his ball and went home.

According to Forshaw, they catch students about three or four times a week selling the verboten food,

"We have six to seven regular sellers we pinpoint," said Forshaw.

Sounds like culinary profiling to me.

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