Greek Man Shot While Hunting Because He Was Dressed Like Animal

I've always thought hunting wasn't very sporting, at least the way most serious hunters do it. They sit up in tree stands, wearing cammo, and spraying themselves with deer urine to hide their scent. Meanwhile a deer just meanders along unaware of the danger and — BANG! — they're dead before they even knew it. Throw in a barrel and some fish, and you can make a day of it.

Hunting should give the animals a sporting chance. It shouldn't just be about a guy up in a sniper's stand; the hunters should be moving around on the ground, which would level the playing field for the deer quite a bit.

However, the hunters should never, ever wear deer skins as a form of camoflauge.

Christos Constantinou of Nemea, Greece found that out the hard way, when he was shot during a boar hunt. He was wearing dark goat skins to confuse the boars.

It confused his hunting party too.

According to an article in the London Daily Mail, Constantinou was part of a large hunting group that had split up in pairs when they mistook him for an animal and shot him.

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