Media Day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the 2010 Indianapolis 500 (PHOTOS)

It was Media Day at the Speedway yesterday, and although I spent most of my time shooting videos, I did manage to take some still shots as well.

This is an interesting setup. All the drivers get their own little interview booth — basically, a tall table and chair inside a 6' x 10' curtained area — and the different members of the media get to gather around and interview the driver. A few of the booths were always packed (Danica Patrick, Tony Kanaan, Helio Castroneves), a few were always busy (Dario Franchitti, Marco Andretti, and Hideki Mutoh had a huge contingency of Japanese journalists), but a few of them had drivers who looked either bored or lonely. I was able to walk up, stand with some guy from Obscure Racing Journal Quarterly, and do a quick interview. It was actually pretty cool, and I was able to get some good footage. My only complaint is that the lens filter on my camera made everyone look like a Liz Taylor perfume commercial.

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