Dad's Night Out at Indiana Fever Game

It was our first Indiana Fever game of the year, and we scored some sweet tickets from my friend and fellow Ball State University alum, Julie Graue, who is also the Fever's VP of Basketball Operations (official motto: "I'm kind of a big deal around here.")

  • We were in section 17, row 5, directly across the court from the Fever's bench. Perfect view of the floor, and within earshot of some of the player's antics, including the giant thudding sound when Katie Douglas pushed over a Dream player, who fell over another player. It was like when you had a friend crawl behind someone, and you shoved the other person, only 3,000 people weren't cheering madly when you did it. We were close enough to hear the thud.

  • In other boxing action, #20 Briann January got popped in the face in the first quarter, sank 2 foul shots for her trouble, and then on a fast break, brought the ball home for a pimp slapping 2 points to show who's the boss. Nobody puts Baby in a corner, and nobody punches Briann in the face.

  • My 9-year-old daughter was very excited to get her very own Ebony Hoffman jersey, but we had to get it at the custom shop, because they don't sell Ebony Hoffman jerseys. Shows what a fan my daughter is. She could have gotten a jersey with her name on it, but she wanted her hero's name on it instead. Afterward, she would shout "GO EBONY!" anytime Ebony had the ball, was running down the court, and once while she was sitting on the bench.

  • At one point, Coach and Tennessee native Lin Dunn was red-faced shouting at one of the refs over a 5-second violation on an inbound pass, and the entire crowd started booing the call. I'll bet the ref felt like his Memaw was yelling at him for making his little brother cry.

  • My favorite moment of the game: 5'7" Tully "Tenacious B" Belivaqua, got into a jump ball situation when she grabbed onto the ball currently in possession of one Alison Bales who towers at 6'7" (that's no typo; six feet, seven inches) and held onto it as Bales lifted it over her head. (Not really.) The ref blew the whistle and signaled for a jump ball, and the crowd went "ooooh" and then started cheering, like when the nerdy kid challenges the captain of the football team to a fight, only you just know the nerdy kid is going to come out on top.

    The crowd screams as loud as it can, the ref hesitates before tossing the ball, Tully springs up, and. . . Alison gets her hand on it, with several inches to spare. And accidentally tips it to a Fever player. Big thumbs up to Tenacious B for going up against someone who's a foot taller, without batting an eye.

  • The Indiana Fever have a hip hop squad, the Fever Inferno. Sure beats the Chicago Sky's chamber orchestra squad. The squad may be called the Fever Inferno, but I'm going to call them "the hip hop squad." I like the way it pops. Plus, it makes me think of a Robert Smeigel cartoon from Saturday Night Live. Hip Hop Squad, assemble!

  • Atlanta Dream starting linebacker Shalee Lehning (#5) tackled Briann January and yanked the ball away from her, all without getting a foul call. MMA fighter Kimbo Slice looked up from mercilessly beating his opponent and grunted his approval.

  • I've been checking my Google Analytics, and I keep getting visits to the blog over the question, "Is Tully Bevilaqua married?" She's not, but she should be allowed to be. I hope Indiana joins the 21st century and allows two consenting adults to marry, regardless of orientation or gender.

  • This was an awesome game. The Fever won it 94 - 91, and they put on an awesome display of fight, desire, and teamwork. If you have never been to a Fever game, you really owe it to yourself to go. The Fever barely lost in last year's WNBA championship, and Julie says that ticket revenues are up 48 percent. It's Guy’s Night Out with the Indiana Fever on Thursday, July 8 (which is also Freddie Fever's birthday). Get all you can eat and drink for only $25. Tickets available at

  • My oldest daughter pointed out that this game outscored Game 7 of the MenBA championship game, which clocked in at 83 – 79.

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