I need your vote for the Inn-Bedded Resorter contest at The Balsams

Big announcement: I'm 1 of 5 finalists of the Inn-Bedded Resorter national competition. I'm in NH right now. Go to www.thebalsams.com and vote for me.

If I win, I will spend 2 months at The Balsams in northern New Hampshire, being their social media guy. So, stop by the site, and vote for me.

These are a couple of my competitors: Martin Earley (red-headed kid) is a musician from Maine, and Nacie Carson is a peofessional development specialist from Boston. Melissa McCart (not pictured) is on her way, as is Elizabeth Oehlschlaeger.

We're having a great time getting to know each other and secretly plotting each other's downfall. Er, I mean, trying to learn about the resort.

Posted via email from Erik Deckers


  1. Thanks for getting my good side, my friend! Competition or not, it was so cool to meet you and like you said on the bus, whoever gets this we will all be psyched for...is bonding and friendship against all odds a magical power of the Balsam spring water?! I think so!

  2. Thanks Nacie. Actually, I think the bonding and friendship is an indicator that we're in the right profession. I don't know about Boston, but in Indianapolis, most of the social media people are actually friends and will hang out -- even the competitors. And if you're any indication what the social media people in Boston are like, then I imagine there's a lot of this too.

    Plus, I think the BobDonPaul guys did a good job picking people who were just nice people to begin with, which meant we already had that in your favor.


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