John Cleese Rants: Soccer vs Football

For all the World Cup haters out there, watch this piece from Monty Python's John Cleese, and his Euro-centric views on American football. While I disagree with Mr. Cleese about denigrating the sport of American football, I agree with the idea that soccer players get to think for themselves.

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  1. So this guys has an English accent right? Which is why he doesn't understand America's game of football. If you like the sport that much Erik, move to England and develop an accent. Otherwise, start watching real American football and give up on the pansie sport of soccer!

  2. As someone who has played both sports, I can fully appreciate the nuances of both sports. As someone who has played neither, I don't expect you to understand.

  3. The only problem with this clip is John Cleese has it wrong.

    The Brazilians play jazz on the field. The English play marching music.

    His description on the differences in the game are spot on though.


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