Electronic Erotica On the Rise, Thanks to iPad

Now the British can buy pornographic fiction without the embarrassment of brown paper wrappers or risqué paperback cover art, thanks to the iPad.

In fact, the proof was in the pudding. At the beginning of the week, erotic fiction was at the top of Apple's British iBooks sales figures. This is, until Apple "allegedly" removed the titles on Tuesday. According to a story on WTTG5's website (Washington DC's Fox affiliate), some people speculate that Apple removed the pornographic titles from the sales list so they didn't look like a bunch of filthy smut peddlers. (I embellished that last part a little bit.)

Still, when "Blonde and Wet, the Complete Story" ranked number one on Monday morning, only to be replaced with British lawmaker Peter Mandelson's autobiography, you have to wonder

"Blonde and Wet" was (and probably still is) available from Apple for £.99 ($1.50), which also makes me wonder, will Apple do to the erotic fiction industry what it did to the music industry?

If they do, I'm sure someone will be able to write a story about it.

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