Woman Thrown Out of Starbucks Because She Wouldn't Use Their Terminology

I knew Starbucks was a band of corporate drones bent on world domination, but to get the police involved because someone won't use their teminology?

A woman was thrown out of a New York Starbucks by police because she wouldn't use the Starbucks termninology when ordering a bagel.

According to the NY blog, the Gothamist, Lynne Rosenthal, a college professor, was nearly arrested after she took a noble stand against the corporate tyranny that is Starbucks. I've always refused to order a "grande" anything, preferring instead to ask for the more commonly known "medium."

But Rosenthal trumped my civil disobedience by making a stand over a bagel! (Good on ya, Lynne!)

The barista asked if she wanted butter or cheese, and Lynne said calmly yelled, "I want my multigrain bagel!"

The barista, incredibly, said she wasn't going to get anything, unless she said, "without butter or cheese."

Lynne told the New York Post, "Linguistically, it's stupid, and I'm a stickler for correct English."

Since she wouldn't bow to Starbuck's corporate-speak, the manager called the police, and they threatened to arrest her if she wouldn't leave.

Lynne may have felt humiliated by being asked to leave, but she has taken a larger stand that many of us can appreciate and applaud. Thank you, Lynne.

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