Food-Related Assault in Dover, Maine

The Florida-style food related assaults, once thought by experts (me) to have finally died down, have cropped up again, this time in Dover, Maine.

According to a story in the Foster's Daily Democrat (official motto: We got! Suck on THAT, Fosters Beer!!), Thomas Goulet, 40, had ordered a few sandwiches at the Duston's Bakery & Deli, and then got on his mobile phone. The woman preparing the sandwiches had questions about his order, but since he was on the phone, she went off to do other things.

The woman said that when Goulet finally got off the phone, and saw that his sandwich wasn't finished, he called her a "vulgar name," took a sandwich that had already been made for Goulet's son, and then threw it at the woman.

Best line in the whole story: "The clerk was struck in the face, but unhurt by the flying sandwich, which police have yet to identify."

I have an image of Horatio Caine looking at the remains of the sandwich, and he says, "He may have been buying a sandwich for his son. . . but he's no hero." (And then the theme song starts, YEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!)

The sandwich-related assault was witnessed by another clerk and several customers, who wrote down Goulet's license plate and car make after Goulet fled the scene, like a coward, before the police arrived.

Goulet will be charged with a Class B misdemeanor.

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