Interview with Stuart McLean of The Vinyl Cafe [VIDEO]

I had a chance to meet Stuart McLean, host of The Vinyl Cafe from the CBC. The show is played Saturday afternoon on WFYI, the Indianapolis NPR station.

Jess Milton, the show's producer, arranged for me to have a chance to talk to Stuart about an hour before the show. She also provided me with two passes, so I took my wife, Toni, and she helped me with the video (she did the camera work).

We talked about Stuart's life before The Vinyl Cafe, what he would have been doing if he hadn't started the show (probably in public service or even running for public office), how he writes his Dave and Morley stories, whether he creates a story arc, and what his writing process is.

I also gave a copy of my book, Branding Yourself, to Jess in the hopes that 1) they'll start using social media, and 2) they'll need a consultant to come to the CBC to train them on using social media to promote the show.

The Vinyl Cafe was last here in October 2008 — 2.5 years ago — and they're hoping to come back in another two years. With some luck, I'll have a chance to talk to Stuart again.

My book, Branding Yourself: How to Use Social Media to Invent or Reinvent Yourself (affiliate link), is available on, as well as at Barnes & Noble and Borders bookstores. I wrote it with my good friend, Kyle Lacy.

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