#88 Jay Howard Hits the Wall Going Into Turn #2

English driver Jay Howard was coming out of the pit trying to get back up to speed when he lost control of the rear end of the Service Central car and hit the wall. He came to rest inside the track and appears to be okay. Apparently Tomas Scheckter nearly made contact with a safety truck that was heading out to help Howard.

The car appears to be okay, but something tells me Howard is out. It will take hours to determine whether the car is even okay, so I doubt that he'll make it back out.

A lot of cars coming into pit. Danica pitted earlier because she was nearly out of fuel. She's back in now getting a tire change, and she's back out. Literally in the time it took me to type that last sentence, she got 4 new tires.

Update of my favorites: Bertrand Baguette sitting 12th, Justin Wilson 23rd, and Simona de Silvestro is out of the race and placed 31st. So sad about Simona, because I was expecting her to kick some major butt today.