EJ Viso Hits the Wall in Turn #1, Out for the Day

EJ Viso missed the memo that said this is a double file restart, not a 3 wide. He ended up in the wall in turn #1, as James Hinchcliffe was sitting next to him and Marco Andretti passed on Hinchcliffe's. Hinch and Viso made light contact, and Viso made heavier contact in the wall. Hinch came into the pit for new tires. 

We saw the onboard camera replay from Marco's car, and how he and Hinch didn't make contact is a testament to Marco's driving (even though I'm not a fan of the guy, I have to give him his props for driving skills).

It's 29 laps down, and Dixon is 1st, followed by Tagliani, Townsend Bell, Dario Franchitti, and Oriol Servia.

Bertrand Baguette is 12th, Justin Wilson is 19th, and Simona has pitted for the 4th time and is 2 laps down, in 30th place.