Simona de Silvestro Not Done Yet

Even though she's only got 44 laps done, her crew has her car in the garage and are trying to get the thing working again. It's a right linking connection (whatever the hell that is), and IMS Radio says they're trying to fix it. There's still a chance she'll be back out, although with 126 laps down, I'm not sure she'll be back out.

James Hinchcliffe is telling IMS Radio his tires were really wearing down, and he was actually getting ready to come in and pit when they lost their grip on the asphalt and he ate the wall going into turn #3. He said it was a "classic rookie mistake," but sang the praises of his Newman-Haas crew. That's always smart PR by these IndyCar drivers: take the blame, give the praise. Looking forward to seeing more from Hinchtown this season.