Becky Hardy, Indiana Fever High-Fiver (VIDEO)

If you go to an Indiana Fever game, you've probably seen the woman who runs up and down the stairs in Section 17, on the southwest end of Conseco Fieldhouse. That's Becky Hardy, a die-hard Fever fan, and the Indiana Fever High-Fiver.

Becky started a tradition several years ago, where she would high-five the people around here every time the Fever scored a three-point shot. After the people who used to sit behind her moved to a different row, she would run up and high-five them.

Soon, people in the top row were shouting for a high-five, and she would make the trip to the top, slapping hands with people on the way up and the way down.

That turned into the tradition you can see on the video today.

By the way, y friend, Julie Graue, the VP of Business Operations for the Indiana Fever is letting me give away two free tickets to a Fever home game to anyone who wants them. Any home game between now and August 9 is eligible.

Visit the Indiana Fever tickets page, and use the passcode XGRAUE (all caps) to get your tickets. You only have to pay the Ticketmaster processing fee. There are only two games left — July 31 against the LA Sparks, and August 9 against the San Antonio Silver Stars — so time is running out.

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