Victory Statue to Return to Position Atop Monument Circle Tuesday

Victory is the 118-year-old statue that watches over Indianapolis from atop the Soldiers and Sailors Monument at Monument Circle. She has stood there since 1893, through 118 Indiana winters, 118 Indiana summers. In fact today, September 5, marks the 118th anniversary she was put up. She's Indianapolis' Statue of Liberty.

Finally, four years ago, they decided she needed a makeover. So they brought her down four months ago, fixed her up, and brought her back. She has been sitting on the west side of Monument Circle at ground level for us to get a closer look. No one has seen her up close like this in our lifetime, and no one will again. It will be several generations before she returns to earth again — maybe my grandkids will be around to see that, definitely their grandkids.

She was originally built on top of the monument in 40 pieces, because they didn't have the technology to take her up in one piece. So they brought her down in 13 pieces, put the pieces back together, replaced the set screws and pins, and then welded each of the seams. She is expected to last for another 100 years before she needs to be repaired again.

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