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Indiana Fever 84, Chicago Sky 70 - A Twitter Recap

My family took me out for a great Father's Day today (Saturday) by taking me to Cincinnati, Ohio, where we ate at Moerlein Lager House, right across the street from the Great American Ball Park, and right on the very site of Riverfront Stadium, the Cincinnati Reds home stadium from 1970 - 2002

But when it was over, and since the Reds were out of town, we had to race back to Indianapolis in time to see our other favorite summer sport, the WNBA.

Tonight saw the Indiana Fever take on the Chicago Sky. Here is my rundown of the game, in tweets:

  • At the @IndianaFever game, nobody sits until the first basket. @ Bankers Life Fieldhouse (This is a long-standing tradition. Even though the statement from the announcer is that no one sits through the tip-off, the practice is that no one sits until the Fever score a basket. A couple of times, this has led to standing up for a couple minutes.)
  • Katie Douglas of the #fever chased down an errant ball, ended up in lap of a fan wearing a fireman's helmet. I think she bloodied his lip. (This wasn't a firefighter in full gear, just a fan in a helment. Still, she clocked him pretty hard.)
  • Good to see a fellow Nederlander, @sloot22, on the #WNBA court, even if she's playing for the #sky. Go #fever! (Love my fellow Dutchies!)
  • Hope @erinphillips13 is doing well with Australian women's b-ball. We miss her at @IndianaFever games. Hope she gets silver at the#Olympics. (Erin returned to the team right after this game, so we'll be ready for anyone until the Olympic break.)
  • @jessdav50 is tearing it up tonight for the @IndianaFever. #fever 29,#sky 32 (Don't know what it was, but Jessica Davenport was tearing it up tonight. She was truly on fire.)
  • Katie Douglas ties it up 37 - 37 with a 3-pointer, with 1:30 remaining in the 2nd quarter. #fever
  • When they announced Swin Cash for the @wnbachicagosky, I thought they said Slim Catfish, and I nearly became a fan for life.#fever (Honest to God, this is true. When they announced the Sky, I thought the announcer said "Slim Catfish." I was so excited, I grabbed the program and checked. Unfortunately no, Ms. Cash's parents were not as cool as I thought. Still, when Cash was up at the free throw line, I kept hollering "Hey, Slim Catfish" to see if I could mess her up. It didn't work.)
  • Halftime, @IndianaFever 42, @wnbachicagosky 38, thanks to two 3-pointers by Katie Douglas in last couple minutes. #fever
  • @JoceyyG Take Motrin, and in 4 hours, take Tylenol. Alternate between them every 4 hours. #fever (I've said it before, the problem the Indiana Fever have is that on Twitter, their #hashtag is "#fever." So, when people are sick, their "I have a #fever" tweets show up in my stream. This advice is what we do for our kids whenever they're sick. Works like a charm. @JoceyyG tweeted me back later and said thanks.)
  • @tksb15 Are you playing in the Olympics this year? #fever (@tksb15 is Tammy Sutton-Brown. She didn't respond, so I still don't know.)
  • @sloot22 of @wnbachicagosky has a sweet jumper. Just nailed a nothing-but-net 3-pointer. #fever 57, #sky 54
  • Erlana Larkins of @IndianaFever has Ruth Riley of the@wnbachicagosky pretty flummoxed at times. #fever (Honestly, I had visions of Tully Bevilacqua as I was watching Erlana tonight.)
  • #Fever's @jessdav50 matches season-high 12 points for 4th time this year ... and shoots bonus ... HITS IT for 13. #Fever leads 57-54. (Jessica Davenport was ON IT tonight!)
  • Sonja Petrovic of @wnbachicagosky traveled so much on that last shot, she got frequent flier miles. #fever #BadCallRef (I'm not one to criticize the refs. . . too loudly. . . but this was a bonehead call. We could all see it.)
  • With her last free throws, @Catchin24 became the ALL-TIME @wnbafree throw leader. Congratulations, Tamika. #fever @IndianaFever (We all applauded this one. Very proud of Tamika for being one of the awesomest WNBA players in the league. And that she's on our team.)
  • Ruth Riley of @wnbachicagosky just got her 6th foul. Out of the game. #fever
  • @Catchin24 with the steal, fast break, and layup to make it 82-67,@IndianaFever over @wnbachicagosky.(See 2 tweets before this one.)
  • @IndianaFever win over the @wnbachicagosky, 84 - 70. Nice job,#fever, well played #sky. (The Sky just sort of fell apart at the end, but they played with heart and class. I always like watching them play.)

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