Indiana Fever Fall to Connecticut Sun, 89 -81

We were looking forward to a hotly contested Indiana Fever game (get it, "hotly" contested; "Fever"?), as they were riding the crest of a four-game winning streak, with a home game against division rivals, the Connecticut Sun.

But luck was not with our ladies of the hardwood this night, as they played hard, and they played rough, but in the end, they were not able to overcome the dominating, almost rough, play of the Sun.

But not only were they outmuscled by the Sun, they were missing a few key players. For one thing, Erin Phillips was out of the country, playing and practicing with the Australian National team. For another, Tamika Catchings was missing for several crucial minutes where the Sun went on an 8-point run with no response from the Fever. (Catchings was incapacitated by an errant elbow from teammate Tammy Sutton-Brown. It was a complete accident, but I'm sure Catch had a few choice words for TSB at the end of the game.)

Katie Douglas and Catchings played hard the entire game, and it looked like the Fever would pull out win #5. But there were more than a few times that the Sun capitalized on crucial errors, as well as some shots that the Fever just weren't able to make. Plus, there were a couple of missed calls by the officials. To be fair, it happened on both sides, so the bad calls against the Fever were evened out by bad calls against the Sun. None of the calls gave a serious edge to either team though, so the Sun's victory can be attributed to their hard play, and the missed opportunities by the Fever.

My family's next game is on Thursday, July 5 against the San Antonio Silver Stars.

A few favorite tweets from my Twitter stream during the game:

I've thought for a long time that @szellous1 of the @IndianaFever would make an awesome pirate. #fever

Jeanette Pohlen having a couple of moments of big-time hustle. @IndianaFever

JustSaw @JustHeather on the @IndianaFever scoreboard. #fever

Tamika Catchings is getting hammered this game. She's been punched, elbowed, pushed, and tripped. @IndianaFever #fever

We received free tickets for the game from the Indiana Fever in exchange for writing this blog post.


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