Indiana Fever Fall to Minnesota Lynx, 66 - 64

It's one of our last two home games, as the Indiana Fever face off against the Minnesota Lynx in the first of two games in a row.

The game got off to another slow start, and we didn't see a point scored until Briann January scored after 2:07, but the Lynx had no such troubles. With 6:00 to go in the first quarter, it was Minnesota Lynx 10, January 2. By the time we reached 5:00, she had scored all 6.

At one point, the Fever had 11 points — January with 9, and Tammy Sutton-Brown (or as everyone calls her TammySuttonBrown) had the other 2.

Becky Hardy, the 3-point stair runner, was missing again today. Was that a factor?

The Fever finally got a spark lit under them, and they began to mount a comeback, thanks to two fast breaks by Katie Douglas, and it was 25 - 20, Lynx, after the first quarter. They also played some hard defense, holding the Lynx to four shot clock violations this game.

All told, the Fever did not look like they were playing at their best tonight. January had a chance to shine, which is usually hard to do when Douglas and Tamika Catchings are playing hard. But January really shone through tonight. But there was a lot of hesitation on everyone's part. By the end of the first half, January had 11 points, and Catchings had 10.

Everyone played tentatively tonight. Minnesota isn't that good, and the Fever should have been walking all over them. They were playing like they know they're in the playoffs. I've seen then play way harder than this, so I don't know what's up tonight.

Were the replacement refs officiating this game too? They were just as tentative. They couldn't agree whether the Lynx had a shot clock violation, so they had a jump ball. What's next, do over with no backsies?

(Toni and the kids got on the screen for Jump On It jump cam. So did my friend Michael Mendes.)

Fever began making a comeback in the 2nd minute of the 4th quarter, and fans came alive. The Jump Cam really helped, and got people amped up.

The Fever lost 66-64. Erlana Larkin flubbed a pass from Douglas at the last second, but we can't blame her for "losing" the game. If just one Fever player had hit one 3 more pointer, it wouldn't have mattered. It wasn't their best game, but they did come alive in the last quarter.

Now, the Fever just have to figure out how to beat the Lynx in their next game in Minnesota.

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