JR Hildebrand Goes Out on Turn 1, Lap 3

The weather has already claimed its first car today. JR Hildebrand of the #4 National Guard car slipped out of the very shallow groove in turn 1, just as lap 3 started, and hit the wall. Hildebrand looked like he was trying to decide whether to move in front of James Hinchcliffe in the #27 GoDaddy car, when his tires failed to bite on the pavement, and he smacked into turn 1.

My friend and former auto racing PR pro, Ken, predicts that there will only be 15 cars that cross the line on lap 200 at the end of the day (including cars that are a lap down, and ones that are out for mechanical and contact reasons). Since it's so cold here today — it's 62 degrees right now — we're not going to see a lot of rubber laid down on the track, which means no real groove for the cars to ride in, which means we're going to have a lot more of these slide offs.

Charlie Kimball is also having electrical issues at this point.

Ed Carpenter has lead for the entire race so far.

At 12:33, JR Hildebrand was checked, released, and cleared to drive. I assume that means his next race, since his car was wrecked.


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