Sebastian Saavedra Out From Contact, Blocked Out By Unknown Driver

Sebastian Saavedra is your second driver out of the Indianapolis 500, after contact with a so-far unidentified car. Saavedra tried moving right before passing on the left, only to have the other make tire-to-tire contact with him, sending him into the wall in Turn 4. Saavedra coasted to a complete stop just past the exit of pit row. All he could say on the radio is "someone should get a penalty, someone should get a penalty."

At this point, the ABC feed has not told us what happened (that's what we're listening to in the media center), because as likes to say, "it's none of your business."

It was pretty minor damage, compared to the dramatic blowing-apart of the cars, but Saavedra is out for the day.

Also, even though Saavedra went out on lap 34, Katherine Legge needed 3 more laps to catch up with him.

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