Movie Night at the Deckers

"What should we watch tonight?"

"One at a time, please. One at a time. Buddy, what do you want to see?"

"We watched that a couple weeks ago, didn't we?"

"Yes, we did. Plus you watched it twice last weekend."

"I know they're awesome, but that doesn't mean we have to watch the Avengers every week."

"Fine, let's put that in the Maybe column. Sweetie, what's your pick?"


"I'm just not in the cartoon mood."

"Fine, anime."

"Fine, manga."

"I said it right. How do you say it?"

"Mahn-gah? I'm not calling it that. It's manga. Like mango."

"Because I'm not pretentious. I'm a Hoosier. We pronounce things Hoosier-ly."

"Well, there's warsh. People go'et the store. They say Tuesdee instead of Tuesday."

"I know I don't talk that way, because my parents aren't from here. But that's how people talk in Indiana. And people also say manga."

"Regardless, I'm vetoing that one."

"No, it doesn't even get in the Maybe column. Excuse me, the mah-be column."

"What about you, Honey? Any ideas?"

"I'd rather watch manga."

"It's NOT mahn-gah!"

"No, I'm not watching that."

"Because I don't want to watch some sad movie about two teenagers with cancer."

"I know it was a best-selling book. I didn't read it either."

"Because I'm a grown man and I don't like reading young adult sad stories."

"No dystopian archery fiction either."

"it means the world has gone to pot."

"None. I don't like young adult fiction."

"He's different."

"Because he's a cultural phenomenon. They made eight movies, and his books were global best-sellers. How could I not watch them?"

"That little boy turned out to be an incredible wizard, and I will hear nothing bad said about him or Ms. Rowling!"

"Yes, I know he's from Indianapolis. I'm still not watching The Fault With Our Stars."

"In Our Stars. Whatever."

"Tell you what, if John Green buys one of my books and reviews it on his website, I'll read one of his."

"We still need to finish watching 'Wayne's World.'"

"What are you talking about? It was awesome!"

"You all liked the Bohemian Rhapsody scene, and the part where Garth zapped the guy with the stun gun."

"You haven't even seen the best part where they get Mr. Big to show up at Wayne's place to hear Crucial Taunt."

"It would make more sense if you watched the whole movie."

"Fine, let's watch Return of the Pink Panther."

"Keep talking like that, and you'll be grounded."

"This is Spinal Tap?"


"Let's just pick one before your mother comes downstairs."

"Because she'll make us — hey, I didn't hear you there."

"I said, uh, we needed to pick a movie before you came down."

"Because you'll make us watch something I don't want to see."

"I do not! I rarely get to pick."

"The last thing I picked was Wayne's World, and we haven't even finished watching that. Meanwhile, we've had suggestions of The Avengers, something manga — manga! — and The Fault With Our Bodies."

"In Our Bodies."

"Stars. Whatever."

"If we can't pick a movie, let's watch something on TV instead. Who wants to watch Brooklyn-Nine-Nine?"

"Absolutely not! I hate zombies."

"No, no anime TV."

"Not The Red Band Society either."

"Because I liked it better when it was called The Fault With Our Hormones."

"In Our Hormones."

"Stars. Whatever."

"Alright, Big Bang Theory. I can live with that. Is that okay with everyone?"

"Excellent. Now, does anyone want a snack before we start?"

"No, I don't want popcorn. How about chips?"

Photo credit: Sharyn Morrow (Flickr, Creative Commons)

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