Turn 2 Claims Two More Victims, Aleshin and Daly

Turn 2 claims two more victims, #7, Mikhail Aleshin (Schmidt Peterson with Pelfrey Racing) and #18, Conor Daly (Dale Coyne Racing). Turn 2 may need a little tightening because Aleshin got loose with no one around him, spun around backward, and hit the wall.

As his tires created a fog of smoke, Daly's car emerged from the fog, took some evasive maneuvers to avoid Aleshin's spinning wreck, overcorrected, and got loose himself. He looks like he made a little contact with the rear of his car to Aleshin's car.

The day is over for both men. Both drivers had finished 114 laps and sit 27th and 28th.

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