Zoom Book Club

Emily: Hello? I'm on, is anyone else on?

Sara: I'm here. Can you hear me?

Emily: Yes, I can—

McKenzie: Yes, we can hear you.

Jillian: Hi, sorry I'm late everyone.

Emily: You're not—

McKenzie: You're not late. We were just getting started.

Emily: Okay, I think we're all here. We're just waiting on—

McKenzie: We're just waiting on Polly.

Emily: Is there a delay on my—

McKenzie: I think there's a delay on your end, Emily.

Emily: Yes, I know, McKenzie. You keep interrupting—

McKenzie: Sorry, I keep interrupting you.

Emily: *sigh* Anyway, I hope we all had a chance to read the book. This month's book was the New York Times bestseller, Mostly Dead Things, by Kristen Arnett. She has a new book coming out soon, and is originally from—

Jillian: Can you all see me? I can't see myself on the screen.

Sara: Turn on your video camera.

Jillian: How do I do that?

Emily: Click the little camera icon in the low—

McKenzie: Click the little camera icon in the lower lefthand corner.

Emily: Dammit, McKenzie!

McKenzie: Sorry!

Emily: I think the delay is on your end, not—

McKenzie: You know, I think the delay is on my end.

Emily: Lord, help me. Anyway, after Jessa-Lynn Morton's father commits suicide, she steps up and takes over the family taxidermy business. What do you think made her take over the shop and not her brother, Milo?

Sara: Wait a second, Polly just sent a chat message.

Polly (ON CHAT): Hi, I can hear you guys. Can you see me?

Sara (ON CHAT): No, we can't see you. Can you see us?

Emily: You don't have to type it. She just said she can hear us.

Jillian: Where's the camera icon?

Sara (ON CHAT): Sorry, I guess you can hear us.

Emily: Lower left—

McKenzie: In the lower lefthand corner.

Emily: McKenzie, stop helping!

Polly (ON CHAT): Who are you talking to?

Sara (ON CHAT): I think she was talking to McKenzie.

Emily: Sara, you don't have to write back, she can hear you. Jillian, next to the camera icon, there's a little microphone—

McKenzie: Jillian, click the microphone icon next to the camera icon.

Emily: You did that one on purpose!

McKenzie: Haha, yeah, I know. I was just messing—

Sara: I think she's messing with you, Emily.

McKenzie: Rude. Interrupt much?

Emily: I swear to God, McKenzie. Polly, did you click the camera icon?

Sara (ON CHAT): Polly, did you click the microphone icon?

Emily: Sara, she can hear you.

Polly (ON CHAT): I did. Can you hear me?

Sara (ON CHAT): No, we can't—

Polly: I suppose it would help if I actually said something.

Sara (ON CHAT): Now we can hear you.

Emily: Give me strength. Now, Jessa-Lynn turned out to be the stronger member of the family, willing to step in where her brother and mother couldn't. Where do you think she got her—

Jillian: Can you all see me? I turned on my camera, but I don't see myself.

Sara: Is there a little red line through your camera icon?

Jillian: Yes, there is.

Sara: You didn't turn it on. You have to click it so that red line goes away.

Jillian: Okay, I did that.

Sara: We still don't see you though.

Jillian: Oh wait, I had a sticker over my camera. Haha, we're all so crazy here!

McKenzie: Hey, Jillian!

Jillian: Hey, McKenzie! How are the kids? How's Connor?

McKenzie: He's doing great. He misses his little friends at nursery school, but he gets to chat with them on Zoom once a week, so that helps.

Jillian: He's getting so big! I keep seeing all your Facebook photos. He's going to be a big boy like his dad.

McKenzie: I know! Jason wants to start him playing T-ball next year and then Pee Wee football when he turns 7.

Emily: Could we get back to the book now, plea—

McKenzie: Sorry, we should get back to the book now.

Emily: I swear, I'm going to mute you.

Connor (OFF SCREEN): Mommy, Paisleigh pottied on the floor again.

McKenzie: Uh-oh, I should probably go.

Connor (OFF SCREEN): Mommy, Baxter ran through the potty and went in the living room!

McKenzie: Oh, crap. I really have to go. Thanks, everyone, it was so great to see you. I can't wait until—

Emily (MUTES McKENZIE): See you next month, bye.

Jillian: Oh darn, my camera is off again. Can you all see me?

Sara (ON CHAT): Try turning your computer off and on again.

Emily: Alright, this is terrible. Let's just try again next month.


Photo credit: jagritparajuli99 (Pixabay, Creative Commons 0)

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