Guest Post: Find My Path Finding My Voice

Every so often, I will feature new/young writers who are looking for a place to publish their work. Samantha Brown is a writer and speaker who focuses has cerebral palsy. She blogs at

Over the years, I have found new and exciting changes to life. Even with the day-to-day battles of life, I am reminded of the changes in my life. My path is made over time. Every person has their own way of thinking. You can only search to find the path that is right for you. Remember when you find the right path to fight for it.  

Find the path that is best for you. You should always pick a path that will work on your time. You should always take chances in life. You should never fear changes in life. You should learn how to take to the life changes that are given to you over time. 

You find your path if you try hard. Your journey will take you far. Lifelong paths are not always easy to find. You sometimes need to change your plans as life changes for you. Your biggest dreams may not always be seen clearly but you should never let anyone or anything stand in the way of your dreams 

I will always fight to inspire and encourage others with my story. You become more willing to give change a chance with an open mind. I want to keep helping others open new doors. I will be others' inspiration and encouragement in life. 

As I grew up. I learned new ways around in life. When I was looking for a way to fight through. When I found my path.shadow in my life showed me how to find who I am. Your journey has only started. You find new ways around so you can take your path with your new chances to be taken. 

People who know the real me know I have great joy in others. Every time I help someone I am reminded of where I came from. Every time I started to share my story. I knew I was helping others change their lives every day. I reacted to others by using compassion and understanding. Every person I have helped overcome their fears, and they live to see their dreams come true. Everyone who faces their biggest fears has the power to overcome them.

You can find your power over time. You can learn to become stronger on the inside and out I found things around me that made me who I am today. I am blessed with a strong-willed inner heart as well as a strong smile on my face as well as a fighter on the inside of who I am and with inner strength. I want to become a help to others as well as becoming an inspiration to all. 

My new humor novel, Mackinac Island Nation, is finished and available on Amazon. You can get the Kindle version here or the paperback version here.