Guest Post: The People Who Encourage and Inspire Me, by Samantha Brown

Every so often, I will feature new/young writers who are looking for a place to publish their work. Samantha Brown is a writer and speaker who focuses has cerebral palsy. She blogs at

 As I was growing up, I had many people who helped me in my life. The skills I learned in school gave me a greater understanding as well as brighter outlook on life. Each new school year brought new changes and new battles. But the biggest changes happened when I was well into high school. The lessons I had already learned I knew would last a lifetime, but it was not until after I finished high school that my journey took an unexpected turn.

That's when my mom learned I was no longer able to do certain skills I could the year before, so she made sure I relearned those past skills. She was my inspiration and the voice of action. She was the one teacher who would teach me about real life.

She is still working with me because I am still fighting to learn how to walk today. It is a constant battle. My mom is still helping me train everyday. She helps me work out at home, which is something I have to do every day. And she helps me to not get down or see every problem as a setback. It's just one more challenge I have to face, but she is the light that lights my way.

I have fought many battles. some I could win and some I could not. And some would leave me unsure about what was next. It sometimes takes me longer than others to learn skills that I need to have to live in the real world with special needs. And I had to learn not to put down or dismiss what I have learned.

I face a lot of unknowns, but I still come out on top because everyday is a chance to overcome a unknown fight. And as long as my journey has a light, I can fight every day with a smile.

Sometimes the things that have happened to me in the past are not always easy to speak about to others. It's not easy to live with special needs by any means. But no matter what happens to me, it's the people who encourage me to stay strong and show me how to fight anything that make me want to encourage others by bringing my story to life.

They have showed me how to inspire and encourage people and how to always do it by spreading awareness through bringing my own story to life. And they have taught me to always do my best and be the best I can be, and to do it with a smile on my face.

You learn to give all your time to the person who never stops fighting for you. I am learning the skills through the words of the people who in time became my greatest inspiration. And my biggest inspiration is from my mom.

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