Ten Pick-up Lines by Dr. John Watson

My friend, Scott Monty, who runs the I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere podcast recently shared something he had written years ago, "Ten Pick-up Lines by John H. Watson." So I decided to write Ten MORE Pick-Up Lines by John H. Watson. Here they are*:

* It helps if you're familiar with the 60 short stories and novels by Arthur Conan Doyle.

10 MORE Pick-Up Lines by John H. Watson

10. "Want to see how I got shot in the shoulder and the leg at the same time?"

9. "Hello, Dr. Watson, man of action. Would you like to do something energetic?" 

8. "You must be from Reichenbach because I think I've fallen for you." 

7. "Is your name Mary, because you remind me of someone once very dear to— *sobs*—excuse me a moment." 

6. "You're more beautiful than anything found inside of a goose. No, wait, come back! You misunderstand me!" 

5. "The dog may have done nothing in the night-time, but I'll wager I can make up for it." 

4. "My name is John Watson. It is my business to know other people I do not know." 

3. "I've been told I have a remarkable power of stimulating genius. And other things." 

2. "Your name must be Brandy because you could cure what ails me." 

1. "Would you like to see my Webley?"

Photo credit: Sidney Paget, Strand Magazine (Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain)



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