How Romance Can Change in a Year: A Google Report

A lot can change in a year. In just one year, we went from fearing for our lives because we were going to be wiped out by a modern-day plague to people who barely passed high school biology becoming overnight experts on microbiology and infectious diseases.

Love can change a lot in a year as well. Relationships can start and end. People can fall in love, get married, and start a family. A baby born at the start of the pandemic is just now realizing other people exist in the world.

We can get a good idea of what people are wondering about love by looking at their Google searches. A few months ago, CenturyLink released their Most Googled Relationship Questions report for 2021 and compared the results to what each state searched for in 2020. It gives us an interesting look at how those states are doing in their romantic relationships and what the last year has done to their hearts.

For example, in 2020, the state of Illinois searched for "How to break up." But Illinois fully believes that if you fall off the horse, you need to get right back in the saddle. So in 2021, their most Googled question was "Best dating apps."

Indiana, on the other hand, is a slow learner. In 2020, Hoosiers were wondering "When to text back." The correct answer, "Soon," must not have occurred to them because, in 2021, they Googled "Best dating apps."

Hopefully, you learned your lesson, Indiana. Don't play childish games with love.

Iowa is progressing slowly but surely. In 2020, they asked, "Am I in love?" but in 2021, they wanted to know "When to save 'I love you.'" Don't wait too long, Iowa. Indiana waited too long just to send a text, and we all saw how that turned out.

Florida did it right, though. They asked the same question as Indiana in 2020, and this year, their biggest question was, "Am I in love?"

I never thought I'd say this, but maybe Indiana needs to pay a little more to what Florida's doing.

Louisiana is firing on all cylinders, though. Last year, they wanted to know "how to get dates," and this year, they asked, "Am I in love?"

I worry that Maryland is having a tough time with things. Last year, they wondered, "Am I in love?"

Do you remember when you wondered that? You met a nice boy or girl, lost yourself in their eyes, and couldn't stop thinking about them when they weren't around. Maybe you even asked someone what love felt like. And in the 21st century, you ask Google, "Am I in love?"

Except for this year, Maryland's question was, "Does he like me?"

Oh, Maryland, honey. I'm so sorry. If you have to ask that, you're better off forgetting him. I know you thought you were in love last year, but if you can't even tell whether he likes you, then he's not the one for you.

If anyone's having a tougher time of it, it's Wisconsin and Ohio. Last year, both states asked, "How to propose." Congratulations, you guys, that's so great! I had a good feeling about you two crazy kids!

Except, uh-oh, this year, Wisconsin's big question was, "How to get over a breakup," and Ohio wanted to know "Best dating apps." I think Ohio's just putting on a brave face, even while Wisconsin is still eating ice cream and watching "Bridget Jones' Diary" on repeat.

Missouri had the same problem, but on a smaller scale. In 2020, they were questioning whether they were in love, and this year, they were hanging with Wisconsin and Ohio in Dump City, U.S.A. (Population: Just you three).

A few states didn't seem to learn anything during the entire year. In both years, Alaska Googled "How to kiss." I know you're up there all alone, Alaska, but couldn't you find someone to practice on? I mean, you're spooning with Yukon, but couldn't you at least have gone out with Washington one weekend? It's not like they're busy: Their big search this year was "Best dating apps."

The pandemic seemed to wreck a lot of relationships. In 2020, nine states all asked "Am I in love," including Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Nebraska, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Washington.

And of those nine, four searched for "Best dating apps" this year.

I'm not sure if I would put Kentucky in the Most Improved or Least Improved category. In 2020, they were the only state to ask the question, "What do women want."

They either learned very well or completely failed because 2021's question was "When to text back."

Way to play the long game, Kentucky. I'll bet that by 2028, you'll be ready for the "Am I in love" question.

Finally, Washington D.C. is the perpetual loser in romance because, in 2020, they asked, "How to get a date;" In 2021, they asked "best dating apps" too.

Just take the plunge, D.C.! Find a nice state or territory and just see how things go. I know Puerto Rico is looking for someone to spend a little time with, and you both have a lot in common. Give them a call and see if you can find a little spark there.

Photo credit: Sasint (Pixabay, Creative Commons 0)

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