What Is Your Fun Quotient? Take This Quiz!

You can tell a lot about yourself and your personality by the things you read, watch, eat, and do for entertainment. But have you ever really been able to measure just how fun you are?

(If you've ever wondered that, we're not off to a good start.)

To figure out your fun quotient — your FQ — take this short scientific quiz, and you'll finally understand how fun you really are. Or aren't.

1. What type of cereal do you prefer to eat?
a. Something healthy, like oat bran and almond milk.
b. Corn Flakes or Raisin Bran.
c. Something sweet but still healthy, like Honey Nut Cheerios. 
d. Cap'n Crunch, Lucky Charms, or anything else with a cartoon mascot.

2. When is the best time to eat that cereal?
a. Actually, I don't eat cereal. I prefer toast.
b. Mornings only. Cereal is for breakfast.
c. On the weekends when I want to have breakfast for dinner.
d. I'm surprised I'm not eating cereal right now.

3. You're driving through the country, and you see a field of cows. What do you do?
a. Nothing, I don't want to interrupt my podcast.
b. Point out the cows to my passengers because they'll appreciate seeing them, too.
c. Shout "Cows!" before anyone else does.
d. Roll down the window and yell "MOO!"

4. You've got a day off, and everyone else in the house is gone. How do you spend your afternoon?
a. Watch a World War II documentary.
b. Read a book.
c. Eat the cereal from #2 and read comic books.
d. Crank up the tunes! It's time for Underwear Dance Party!

5. You've enjoyed a nice delivery pizza with your family, and there's one piece left. What do you do?
a. We only eat pizza with cauliflower crust, vegan cheese, and soy pepperoni. 
b. Politely ask the pizza place to cut it evenly in the first place. Crisis averted.
c. Divide the remaining piece evenly among everyone.
d. Point at something behind them, shriek "What's that?" and grab it.

6. You're going out for a family dinner to celebrate a special occasion. Where do you want to go?
a. Nowhere, we have food at home. Besides, we just had pizza.
b. That Chinese place we always go to.
c. Let's try something new and exciting.
d. Get in the car! There's a great barbecue joint about 100 miles from here, and they close in two hours.

7. A friend has tickets to a small concert with a great local band, and it starts at 10:00. What do you tell them?
a. That's kind of late to be out on a school night, isn't it?
b. 10:00? At night? Are you crazy? 
c. I hate going out past 9:00 unless it's the weekend. Even then, I'm only good until 11:00.
d. Work, shmerk! You only live once! Just kidding, 10:00 really is too late.

8. It's important to stay informed about current events. How do you get your news?
a. I read the New York Times print edition every morning.
b. I skim the headlines in my news app.
c. Late-night comedians and The Daily Show.
d. I don't know, man. People just tell me stuff.

9. Music is the heartbeat of life, it's the soundtrack to our childhoods, and it can make us cry, dance, or sing. What kind of music do you listen to?
a. None, I prefer talk radio.
b. I prefer the stuff I grew up with.
c. I love discovering new music, so I listen to several different stations.
d. Something that grooves with a funky beat. I got some underwear dancing to do!

10. You're in the mood for a movie. You peruse your DVD selection and scroll through your streaming services. What do you pick?
a. Rewatching the World War II documentary from question #4. Duh!
b. A riveting drama with great actors in meaty roles.
c. A great comedy with plenty of laughs for the whole family.
d. Bombs and babes! Something with bombs and babes! Ooh, and car chases!

Let's see how you did. Total up your points. Give yourself 1 point for every A, 2 for every B, 3 for every C, and 4 for every D.

0 – 9 points: That's literally impossible. Count again.
10 – 19: You really need to unclench. Sorry, but you're incredibly boring. Eat some pizza, pound some Cap'n Crunch, and try dancing around in your underwear.
20 – 29: You have your moments although you need to loosen up. Have you ever even yelled "MOO!" out your car window? Give it a try this weekend and tell me how it went.
30 – 39: You've kept your youthful enthusiasm, and I bet you're a lot of fun at parties.
40: We should absolutely hang out. Just not after 10:00.

Photo credit: Oakley413 (Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons 4.0)

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