It's Not a Rickroll, It's a BarackRoll

Aussie video nut Hugh Atkin has some mad editing skills and some time on his hands to have come up with this little gem. I only just found it, even though it's 5 months old.

This past Thanksgiving, I wrote about how the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Rickrolled the entire country by having Rick Astley pop out of one of the floats and sang "Never Gonna Give You Up."

According to Wikipedia, the Internet's infallible authority on everything, a Rickroll is a practical joke where a person finds a link to something interesting and cool, like the Laughing Stalk blog, but the link actually goes to a Rick Astley video, usually the Never Gonna Give You Up video.
There's another video on Hugh Atkin's YouTube site about John McCain's RNC speech being Barackrolled, but it's not true.

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  1. I have hope now. Hope that his presidency will be a little more coherent than that video.

  2. that's amazing. I just fell off the couch laughing


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