Indiana Fever - Atlanta Dream Live Blogging - 1st quarter

I'm sitting in Section 7, Row 4, Seat 3 at the Indiana Fever - Atlanta Dream game, thanks to my new BFF Julie Graue, VP of Business Development for the Fever. I brought my laptop along to see about doing some live blogging about the game. The last event I live blogged was the Indianapolis 500, and then, I was only writing about the crashes. And unless Marco Andretti drives Tammy Sutton-Brown into the wall, I'll just be writing about basketball.

1st quarter

The quarter gets off to a fast start for the Fever. They struggle at first, and the Dream got off to a more consistent start, scoring 3 baskets before the Fever realized the whistle had blown. But our women never say die, and they worked hard to bring it back to 14 - 10 before the first timeout at 4:50 remaining.

Tully "Tenacious B" Bevilaqua has an arch-nemesis at thisgame, in the form of 5'9" Coco Miller. She and Tenacious B are scrapping on the court, hard enough that with their energy, they're either best friends or hate each other. You don't see this much intensity in people who don't know each other. Because if they don't, they certainly know who the other person is.

After a few minutes, Tenacious B is pulled out, and Katie Douglas is given the unenviable task of chasing down Coco. Even though she's got 3 inches and *mumble mumble* pounds on Miller, she's got her hands full trying to keep up.

The Fever are struggling a little bit — Coco Miller just sat down with :37 to go in the quarter — and the Fever are running 20 - 18 as the quarter draws to a close. This one is going to be close.

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