Another Florida Food-Related Assault: I Accuse Mrs. Plum in the Kitchen With the Steak

Another Florida food-related attack just days after another hamburger-to-the-face attack in Port St. Lucie. This one was in Dunnellon, Florida, which is west of Ocala.

Elsie Egan was arrested for allegedly slapping her boyfriend, Peter Schabhuttl, in the head several times with a raw steak. It was a tenderizer moment for both of them.

Schabhuttl is 49 years old, disabled, speaks with an electronic voicebox, and is terminally ill with cancer. Egan was arguing with Schabhuttl about the bread he wanted to eat at dinner. He wanted a roll, she wanted him to eat sliced bread. (I'm sure there's a joke in here about "best thing since sliced bread," but it's 1:00 am, I'm watching Craig Ferguson, and I can't come up with anything.)

That's when things got all steaky.

Marion County Sheriff's Deputy Carmen Gallup wrote in her report that when Schabhuttl refused to eat the sliced bread, Egan "attacked him with the steak."

While Egan denied she smacked him with the steak, she did say she slapped him several times "so that he can learn."

The guy is nearly half a century old, he's going to die soon, and he just wanted a damn roll. What is there to learn? He's not a puppy who just piddled on the kitchen floor. He's a grown-up. I think he can take a break from learning.

I hope the Marion County Sheriff's Department can teach Egan a lesson while she's their guest.

This makes the 9th food-related assault in Florida in 13 months.

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  1. This is really disturbing. Speaking as someone who actually lived in FL for about 12 years (4 of them in Vero Beach, one of the "incident" cities), I can unequivically state that in all the time I lived there I NEVER saw any kind of violent behavior using food as a weapon! However, times have changed. There does seem to be an unexplained surge in the food fight arena. FL still feels like home even though its been years. I don't want to think that one of my favorite places, is becoming a haven for bullies! I guess, though, I'd rather have a burger in the face than bullet in the butt!


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