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Full-Time Employee vs. Business Owner

Full-Time Employee vs. Business OwnerI've worked for other companies, and I've owned my own business. The grass is greener on the other side of the fence, no matter which side you're on. Here's a typical day in both lives.

Full-Time Employee
6:00 am: (Alarm) Crap, 6:00 already? Tonight I'm going to bed early. I can't make it on seven hours of sleep. Stupid CSI: Miami.

6:25: Shower. Shave in the shower to save time. I'm going to be late.

6:50: Toast and OJ. No time for a real breakfast. I can make up for it at lunch.

7:00: Leave the house. I hate rush hour.

7:20: I've been creeping along for 15 minutes. Probably an accident up ahead.

7:40: Finally got past it. A little fender bender everyone had to gawk at.

8:00: Barely made it. Check emails — 50 since I left last night, 10 of them marked urgent.

8:55: Urgent emails answered. Your poor planning doesn't not make it my problem. Need to get work done.

9:00: Staff meeting. Everyone talks about their progress since…

My Brief Time in Baseball

My Brief Time in BaseballSpring training got underway this past week with those four magical words every baseball fan loves to hear: "pitchers and catchers report."

I love baseball's tenacity against the weather. Baseball ignores Punxsutawney Phil's weather prediction with its own six week window. About two weeks after the groundhog tells us whether we'll have six more weeks of winter, 750 ball players show up to their warm weather locales to begin six weeks of knocking the rust off their arms, preparing to be the boys of summer once more.

I was never that great at baseball, but that didn't stop me from enjoying it. I played for one full and two partial seasons of Cub Scout baseball as a kid. The last two seasons I suffered season-ending injuries — a broken collarbone one year, and a broken arm the next. I was the Bob Sanders of Cub Scout baseball. Although I never played organized baseball afterward, I still played enough backyard ball to carry me well into my…

The Fanny Pack is Making a Comeback

The Fanny Pack is Making a ComebackBrace yourself, I've got some horrible news.

The fanny pack is making a comeback.

New York Fashion Week starts this week, and as I was listening to an NPR news report, they announced that the bulky butt backpack usually worn by the tragically unhip was making a comeback after 20 years as a fashion punchline.

But the fashionistas in New York don't want you to call it a fanny pack, because that would make it seem stupid.

Instead, they want you to call it a "hands free bag" or "bum bag," which they believe is decidedly less stupid. (It's not.)

According to the Wall Street Journal, designer Yvan Mispelaere wanted to bring them back, saying they "represented motion, dancing, and celebrating the sun." I suppose if you're a famous fashion designer, you need to say things like "represents motion, dancing, and celebrating the sun" when you charge $325 for something you could originally get for $9.95 at a gas …

TV Weather People Get Second Win of Season

TV Weather People Get Second Win of SeasonWe've spent the last two days here in Indiana trying to fend off the snow and ice storms that blanketed the entire eastern half of the country, and snowed me in for two days. Luckily, I own the company, so I can work from home if I want to.

Of course, my kids are home schooled, which means they work at home every day.

I missed working in my office this week.

After a mix of snow, ice, more snow, and then more ice, my yard has turned into a frozen lake. My kids enjoy it because it's a big slippery slope of frictionless fun. My dog hates it for the same reason.

My wife reminds me constantly that taking the dog out is not "dog hockey."

We were hammered by the ice and snow after an entire weekend of dire predictions and scary warnings from the TV weather people. A lot of people didn't take them seriously at first, but they kept talking about how Indiana was going to be pounded with the "worst ice storm in years," and we b…